Nick Fuller

Digital DM & CRM


CRM and Direct Marketing in today's environment present ever more complex challenges. Data is right at the centre.   Add to that increases in (and fragmentation of) media channels as well as developments of technology and what results is a new complexity in ensuring that effective and impactful communications are delivered.  The gap between brand marketers and data disciplines has to reduce - and all have to live practically alongside the creative and strategic.


Throughout Europe - across B2B and B2C markets - brands and Marketing Service Providers must adapt to these shifts.  Today's current buzz around digital transformation initiatives and optimisation techniques reflects a real and profound impact on the marketer.  


I can help.  


As an experienced data centred marketer in client, agency, MSP and consultancy roles, I have a breadth of knowledge and practical experience in the US and Europe allied to a focus on getting things done.




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